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HealthEdge Innovations leverages the untapped potential and capacity of distributed virtual teams and skilled trainees currently looking for opportunities to have impact. HEI provides a mechanism to source, identify and triage real-world needs, gaps and problems in order to advance rapid-innovation and new forms of experiential and applied learning. In the short-term our team creates an innovation response mechanism to address system stress points and support frontline clinicians. However, our ambition is to also become a model for remote collaborative problem-solving, a mechanism of building the culture and practice of iterative rapid innovation, and a potential new model for coordinated computer supported innovation, mentorship, education and social action.

There is a need for agile coordinated, collaborative problem-solving to address pragmatic challenges of health care delivery during times of systemic disruption and stress. Our work is to mobilize highly qualified personnel to develop and share rapid innovations for real-world challenges.

Let Us Help You In Your Future Development

HEI not only brings validation and verification to your venture, but we also bridge the academic and business communication divide to meet the needs of all involved. As academics ourselves, we understand the complexity and anxieties related to finding private funding. We’ve established Phundex Heath to help you navigate the process and develop the best possible offering to present to investors.