Innovation Management System

Phundex-For Health ‘Information Management System’ (IMS)

Innovation Management

Phundex and HealthEdge have codeveloped the Phundex-For Health ‘Information Management System’ (IMS). The IMS is a single solution to the growing complexity of innovation management. The IMS can help your organization coordinate its networks and track outcomes and impact.

Tech Incubators and accelerators have a task like no other. Developing and growing businesses from ideas to impact is complex and requires many hands and sophisticated coordination. Unfortunately, existing client management systems are designed primarily for sales and marketing and are not well equipped to handle the specialized needs of innovation management. Instead, incubators and accelerators are left to use a host of separate spreadsheets, calendar systems and tracking tools to manage their clients. This process can be frustrating time consuming, and inefficient.

The IMS runs on the Phundex Platform and is specifically designed to help organizations and entrepreneurial ventures manage their innovation clients from intake through to graduation. Initially developed for the Health Innovation Hub (H2i) at the University of Toronto, the IMS is a single tool to efficiently organize, coordinate and track clients and mentorship network, allowing the organization’s teams to focus more on innovation and business development and less on administration.

The IMS can is customizable for all business sectors and fully customizable to suit your organization’s specific processes. For example, client intake forms are easily connected to the system, and data is imported into the platform after intake. Administrators can then assign mentors, schedule meetings, add notes and tags, attach necessary documents, record milestones and track progress. The unified system also provides a holistic view of your organization and provides real-time metrics and key performance indicators reports.