Iseult Roche

Iseult Roche

Chief Medical Officer


Iseult Roche is a UK Medical Doctor and a Fellow of the Royal Society of public health.

Her background in Public health is practical and strategic. She was portfolio holder for Community (Public ) Health and Sport in Local Government, prior to that she was a special advisor.

Through this unique background , she continues as an independent consultant advisor for public health and the implementation of public health policy in local Government, aiming to help reduce the gulf between public health policy and social application and follow-through of public health initiatives.

A keen enthusiast of health technology and its uses for better public health and well-being , Iseult has been a panel member and judge on the Axa health & 2020health digital health awards.

She acts as a facilitator and an intermediary for businesses , advisors and entrepreneurs looking to Improve their knowledge of the health business market and health tech sector and gain access to business funding. Her aim is to work with organisations and individuals to help

promote wider improvements in health.